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Toronto Trail Runners Tuesday Night FAQ

How do I know if the Tuesday night run group is right for me?

The Tuesday night run group is right for the following runners:

  • Those new to trail running,
  • Those looking for a shorter distance group trail run,
  • Experienced trail runners who love sharing their enthusiasm for trail running

What distance does the Tuesday night run group cover?

We run between 5 km to 7 km on Tuesday nights. Runners can expect to be out for 1 hour to 90 minutes on Tuesday night group runs.

What is the running pace of this group? 

We do not run at a specific time pace. We let the trail conditions, weather, and group dynamic determine how we move through the trails. The Tuesday night runs are social runs and best enjoyed at a conversational pace, where everyone’s safety and comfort are prioritized. We encourage runners to find their own rhythm and run at a pace that is most comfortable for them. Our lead crew is knowledgeable and familiar with the trails, so no one is left behind! We do stop to make sure everyone is together and to take short breaks. Walking up hills is totally a-ok! Anything that helps us stay in zone 2!

When you say “trail running” what exactly do you mean and are there any safety considerations I should keep in mind?

When we refer to the “trails” we are not talking about the paved paths; although, we may access them briefly to get to the trails in the woods. The trails we run on are the mountain bike/hiking trails of the Don Valley. The trails are technical, which means there are a lot of rocks, hills, roots, and other rugged terrain. We run in all weather conditions and from late September to Mid-March our runs are in the dark.

Our lead crew is knowledgeable and familiar with the trails, and no one is left behind. 

The trails are also used by other runners, hikers, cyclists and wildlife. We believe everyone should have access to the outdoors. Please be considerate of others using the trails. Call out to those behind you if another trail user is approaching. Similarly, if you see another trail user approaching the group from behind, call out to the group ahead. We tend to pull off to the side of the trail, when safe to do so, to let cyclists go by.

As for wildlife, this is their home. Most creatures move on without issue. Clapping or making a loud noise can help encourage wildlife to keep moving if need be.

While we prioritize safety, we cannot guarantee it. Runners joining us will do so at their own risk. If you have any questions or concerns about safety, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a TTR lead.

What gear, if any, do I need for trail running?

We recommend that runners dress according to the weather conditions and carry their own nutrition and hydration as needed. For runs that occur during the late summer to early Spring, headlamps or other forms of personal illumination are required. There are no street lamps where we’re going!

As for shoes*, during the wetter seasons, trail running shoes are essential because the lugs offer better traction in mud, snow, and over wet leaves. Road shoes are generally ok in the summer months.

*Ok, so about trail shoes, where do I start?

We encourage you to follow Toronto Trail Runners on all our social media accounts to stay in the loop on our various shoe demo events. The shoe demos provide an opportunity to try many brands of trail running shoes and take them for a spin on the trails! But if you can’t wait until the next demo, the following are a few helpful tips for finding the right pair of trail running shoes:

  • Does the brand you wear in road shoes make a trail shoe? Start there!
  • Visit stores that carry a wide variety of trail shoes. Try them on and run around the store for a bit! While the floor surface of the store does not replicate trail conditions, it will provide an idea of comfort, fit, and weight of the shoe.
  • Ask a friend, or a whole bunch of new friends! Join the Toronto Trail Runners WhatsApp chat and ask away. You know we LOVE talking about gear! 

I want to come to a Tuesday night run but I can’t seem to get to the meeting point by public transit. Am I out of luck?

Sharing is caring! TTR-Tuesdays has a WhatsApp text group chat. Carpooling options are not guaranteed; however, other runners do tend to offer pick-up options from TTC stations according to their driving route. Contact TTR to request a link for the chat.

Hey I like to trail run with my dog, can I bring my dog on a TTR Run?

Well… that’s a loaded question.  We had to dedicate the a whole page to the answer! Please read our TTR Dog Policy thoroughly.

Wait… is trail running an extreme sport?

Yeah, it kinda is… and that’s what we love about it. But don’t take our word for it – come join us so you can decide for yourself. You might just fall in love with trail running the way we did.